Foto: Karina Dreyer


"For me, art is not a means of expressing my ideas. It means producing something that will give me ideas when I look at it. As a consequence, my art works differ from each other to an unusual degree. I am an artistic omnivore.
This does not mean I eat everything. I have preferences. It means I don't eat the same thing every day for years and years."

Pitkämö is a German-Finnish artist based in Hamburg, Germany – and at least once a year in Nivala, Finland. At the core of his drawing and painting work is a moment of change, or rather dissolution. Either the motive is a wreck, or the technique used is imperferct to nearly impossible, or the work is simpy left unfinished.
His sculptural œuvre represents quite the opposite: here you find moments of halting, sometimes pieces lost in time, in any case a pause of reflection.